Common Health Mistakes People Make

In a crazy lifestyle, it is only natural for people to fall sick pretty often. Attribute it to the lack of rest to meet commitments, neglecting our sleep, eating habits, etc. Our work knowingly or unknowingly ends up taking a toll on our lifestyle. Most of the times, people end up neglecting or forget to notice whether they’re experiencing any health problem or not. You may be suffering from a headache or immense body ache, but it is very likely that you may merely sleep on it or pass it off as a standard, temporary ache occurring as a result of stress or tiredness. In a bid to survive the rush caused due to the fast-moving city or professional life, people end up making several health mistakes, some of which are extremely common among the people living in metropolitans.

The most common mistake people make when it comes to health is skipping their meals especially, breakfast. In a bid to reach the office early morning, people tend to skip out the first and the most important meal of their day. Blame it on time, hectic life or simply lack of morning hunger, breakfast is often sacrificed by many.

Skipping breakfast is harmful to health and can lead to serious long-term repercussions like fatigue, depleted energy levels, and you may also end up putting on weight. In case you’re running out of time and are unable to grab a bite, wrap up a roll with some leftover salad and chapattis and have it on your way to work. In case you do not feel hungry in the morning, opt for a lighter meal like fruits or salads which will keep your energetic through the day.

Another mistake people make is of lazing around excessively in their free time. It certainly is nice to laze around on the weekend after a tiresome week of work but make sure to spend at least a little amount of time in exercise. Sacrificing little comfort of your couches for some physical activity can considerably improve your stamina, health and fetch long-term benefits. Don’t stop working altogether. Once you’re relaxed enough and have had a fair amount of rest, opt for anything from a long walk to some meditation.

While we always wish that we do not suffer from any ailment, even if we do, it’s essential to continue the medication for the prescribed amount of time. After a period of medication when our health starts responding well, we immediately quit the medicines perceiving that we’ve been cured. However, never self-prescribe and always take the advice of the doctor before prescribing yourself or quitting the intake of any medicine.

Last but not least, the most common mistake is not to get enough sleep. If you think that two days of sleeping and lazing around during the weekend can compensate for the sleep you lost during the week, you’re mistaken! If you thought sleepless nights result only in dark circles, think again. Along with dark circles, lack of sleep also leads to depression, heart disorders, and hypertension.

Below are some of the top health myths:

  1. Muscle turns to fat if you don’t use it. Muscle cannot turn to fat, and fat cannot turn into muscle. What happens is that your muscles atrophy from lack of use, allowing the fat to fill the space your muscles no longer need. When you are using your muscles less, you tend to burn fewer calories which only helps the fat fill the spaces faster.
  2. Natural, holistic remedies are not necessarily safe or effective. Since the FDA does not do clinical trials on natural products, there is no way to determine whether or not these are effective or safe. Before taking any natural products, research the drug yourself on reputable websites, and then talk to your physician to determine if the remedy can be helpful for you.
  3. Being outside in cold weather will cause you to get sick. The cold does not cause illness. The common cold is caused by a virus that is spread through contact with or breathing in that virus.
  4. If you have poison ivy, you can spread it to others. The only way you can spread poison ivy to someone else is by touching them while you still have the oil from the plant on your skin. After you’ve showered, the oil is washed away, and you will not spread it to others or other parts of your body. Because of the way poison ivy presents itself, many people often think that it is spreading. However, the fact is that you will only get the rash on areas of your body that has touched the plant or the oil from the plant.
  5. Eating carbs will make you fat. When it comes to your diet, there isn’t any food group that will make you fat or thin. It’s all about moderation and choosing complex carbs over simple carbs.

What may seem like harmless lifestyle habits with temporary effects may end up harming you for life. Think again before you sacrifice on any of the aspects your body requires.